Mixed Reality Multitasking

Spring ‘19 (2 weeks)

3-D Printing, Physical Prototyping, Digital

Marisa Lu
As human beings, our bodies are constantly in a state of “multitasking” in order to keep us functioning, engaged, and efficient. Even right now, you are perhaps sitting on a chair, chewing gum, scrolling through email with on one device, facebook on another, all while half listening and talking to your friend — this is all just addressing one aspect of “multitasking”, as there are biological aspects (your body metabolizing food, cells repairing), physiological aspects, and so on and so forth.

/* Currently a Work In Progress! * / Please Excuse the Mess! :^) 

Project Overview

At a certain threshold, we overload ourselves with activities and max out our cognitive capacity and become less efficient, less accurate with our work, while needing to expend more overall effort. This inefficient way of switching mindsets between tasks is when “multitasking” becomes more detrimental, than helpful.

With this in mind, I am re-designing an environment through mixed reality means, that will help facilitate and encourage more beneficial switches in mindsets when accomplishing several tasks. This kind of environment aims to reconfigure how we interact with our surrounding environments, tasks, and mental state.