Summer ‘18 (9 weeks)

User Experience, Research, Journey Mapping, Brand and Identity Development, Digital Asset Management, Industry Research, Adobe CC, HTML 


Graham McClanahan (designer), Taylor Rosenbauer (web des & dev) 
Over the summer of 2018,  I worked at Blockmatics — an blockchain technology education and consulting organization.  As a Blockmatic’s first designer, I oversaw the production of their first digital educational products and led their visual rebranding. I worked with the web development team, and designed deliverables across printed, social, and web products and services. 

Website has launched! Check it out here

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Case Studies 

A bulk of my work at Blockmatics consisted of conducting user studies, journey mapping, and truly understanding the clients at hand through case studies to create comprehensive, digestible, and approachable academic material. During my time there, I conducted both field research and remote studies.

Throughout all this, I learned the valuable skillset of being able to communicate the importance and value of design-thinking to non-designers, as that was my main demographic to who I was designing for.

User Observation

Throughout my time at Blockmatics, I conducted user experience case studies when attending their in-person academic courses, meetups, and events. I spoke with other clients and users who were new to the industry, and created profiles based on each of the groups of clients who attended. Based on the guerrilla interviews, user personas, and gathered feedback from these in-person classes, I was able to better understand the end user that I was designing for.    

Style Guides

Blockmatics old logo was a grid structure of a series of numbers and letters, akin to the random variables generated during the hashing process. A major focus in the rebrand of the logo was maintaining the integrity of blockchain reference, but also adapting it to be scalable across multiple platforms and become recognizable and iconic to the specifically Blockmatics as an organization.

I created a style guide to introduce the new rebrand of Blockmatics to help establish a continuous identity across the brand, and help with creating future communication and content for the brand.

Rebrand Identity 

I worked with the web developer in implementing these new design guidelines to their new digital platform. Through several iterative processes, and feedback, I explored how a blockchain education organization can establish a sense of credibility.  

Old Website 

The old website hosted bare information: an about page, upcoming events, and a disorganized newsletter system. 

Some of the main key points that the web developer and I wanted to address in the new website were: 
  • What kind of users are using the site?  
  • To what extent do we want online services to be the main form of education and consulting, versus utilizing it as a supplementary feature to in-person industry events and courses?
  • How can we maintain a sense of visual identity and branding across all resources offered -- courses, newsletters, technical guides, industry events, etc?
  • How can a user navigate and find what resources they are looking for, amidst all the types services being provided?
  • How should we unpack a newsletter, versus unpacking an online course? What does each entail and how distinct / different should they be?

New Website

Through multiple iterations, taking ideas and concepts back and forth to the drawing board, and user testing, we were able to create and launch the website over the summer. Check out the finished site here.

This new website not only houses the overview of the company and upcoming events, but also fosters newsletters, reports, and online courses. This new website now serves as a resource hub and the kick off for Blockmatic’s online education presence. 

My challenge was  being able to visually demonstrate these key terms, concepts, and ideas in a format that is intuitive, digestible, and approachable by the user, but also comprehensive and accurate. I worked alongside the lead instructor in visualizing metaphors, forming connections, and portraying correct visual content for these questions. The final implementation and deliverables of my user experience research, case studies, and industry research is their newly-launched online courses, as well as the edits in their in-person academic material.

Additionally, although I had no blockchain technology knowledge myself, I utilized that to my advantage by being able to fully place myself in the shoes of an introductory level client. I was able to have my own struggles in understanding course material and concepts as problems that others could encounter as well, and addressed those concerns while working alongside the lead instructor.