A Gift for Grandpa

Winter ‘16 (3.5 weeks)

Physical Prototyping 

Dedicated to my late grandpa, who raised me up. 


The product I created is a gift for my late grandfather. One of my grandfather’s passions was gardening. It was a familiar activity he found solace in when he moved from his comfortable hometown in China to the foreign land of America. Whether it was growing vegetables, flowers, or even simply grass, my grandfather was the best gardener I knew. He nurtured his plants with the utmost care and love, just like he had raised me and my brother. However, when my grandfather became diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he moved away from home and was confined to a hospital bed until his passing. He could not perform daily tasks, let alone continue gardening.

In reflection of my grandfather, I have designed this jacket. Meant so more for symbolism, it is for patients who are unable to freely move engage with nature in their own way. I created this jacket with the mindset of allowing the user to experience nature in the safe and comfortable environment of his/her hospital room. I embedded lush grass and green foliage into the insides of the jacket, and adorned the outside with environmentally friendly recycled paper. The grass and foliage allows the user to enjoy the feeling of being enveloped by a mound of grass – as if lying down on grassy fields itself – by simply lying in bed. The recycled paper on the outside of the jacket serves as a reminder to be kind to our environment, a lesson that my grandfather always tried to teach me.